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Why Terror? God Tells! (PDF - 30 pages)

Why God Allows Troubles and Terror

Global killer-terrorism is an ominous danger and dread today. Terror takes many forms: religious radicals, worldwide drug cartels, organized crime, inner city street gangs, and the list goes on.

Whether they kill 3000 in one angry attack, or just a few in drive-by shootings, terrorists are all viscous, volatile, getting worse, and unstoppable. As we speak, they cause millions of people to be in constant fear, anxiety, stress, depression. And many ask:

Why Does God Almighty Let Terrorists Attack Us?
What on Earth is God Doing?

Why Troubles?

Another vital, valued,
victory volume to give
you hope!


Don Rhoads
Radio Pastor

"Mother Nature" - by earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires, and other so-called "mother earth" forces - violently kills many, destroys much property, devastates a whole society. The Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 left hundreds of thousands dead or missing, many more homeless. Men watch it - report it - but they can't stop it. Insurance companies call it an "act of God."

Again, more and more, all these troublesome things are causing many hearts to fail in fear, anxiety, panic, many are stressed, depressed, even despairing, some suicidal.

Our "God Blessed America" is seeing her share of both - terrors and troubles. Yes we are. Again, the question comes:

Why Does God Almighty Let Nature Troubles Happen?
What on Earth is God Doing?

And God Tells!

Friends, know this - only the LORD God Almighty Himself - has "triple A" - All Absolute Answers to our troubles. Yes He does! And He opens, offers His positive power-promise answers to all people on the planet - to any nation and people that wants them - and to you and me too - personally. God's answers are ours for the taking.

His answers offer us true peace of heart and mind, best soul-rest to replace our deepest inner stress. He can calm our worries and fears, take away our grief and tears. He is doing it daily. It's part of His Good News of great joy - offered to all people on this whole sad, mad, bad news planet. Believe it.

God Loves to Bless
God Blessed America
God Wants to Bless the Whole World
You and Me Too

We'll see it together - you and I - in this study. Believe that too!

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