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Why Jesus? (PDF - 38 pages)

Who needs Jesus? Why did Jesus come to Planet Earth?

Into this sin-plagued, sorrow-pained, poor-soul-polluted world, onto this sick, sad, mad, bad news planet,

Jesus Christ Came
to Give His great, grand, glory Good News!

An exciting, exhilarating wonder-day is coming - maybe soon - an amazing, awesome, miracle-marvel time - when this poor, sin-soiled, sin-spoiled planet will be restored - to pristine beauty, bounty, blessings - beyond its original creation - better by far - all brand new - re-created by the one and only Creator Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ Himself. He said it -

"Behold! I make all things new!"
But What about Now?

What about today, right this minute, in your life and mine? What about our current day-to-day cares, concerns, troubles? Is God there - does God care? Is He here for us - right now - for you, for me, for any and all in the world ? Does God have the real solutions, right answers for man's myriad problems?

Yes! Yes! Ten thousand-million Times - Yes!
And He gives us His Good News - for today - yes He does!
Six Wonder-Reasons Why Jesus Came to Earth

With all our learning, technology, skills, the human race still has no real, right answers to life's most basic troubles - tears, pain, sorrow, weeping, death - life's most pressing problems - hate, envy, coveting, violence, crime, war, and the sad, mad, bad news list goes on, and on, and on. With all our expertise - we're no closer to solving any of these major earth problems.

Think About It

Another vital, valued,
victory volume to give
you hope!

Vital to You Too!

Don Rhoads
Radio Pastor

"The Poor" - with all our wealth - poverty still plagues our planet - earth now has more poor than ever before. Too true. "Broken hearts" - broken lives, broken families, broken plans and dreams, keep on causing sorrow and despair to millions. "Captives" - slaves - addicts - crippled, shackled - by booze, drugs, all sorts of ungodly sex, rebel lust for money and things. "The Blind" - multiplied millions, even billions of folk - all over top-side of this planet - with no moral or spiritual insight. "Crushed" - by life's tragic losses - terror-stricken panic attacks - taking millions into despair - with no clue what to do. "Accepted" - the urgent wish - deep driven desire to be approved of - by others - and maybe accepted by God.

Most people on this sad, mad, bad news planet have no clue what to do - in all these and more deep human needs. Most have no real right answers to these most basic life and death questions. None at all. But God does. Yes He does.

Jesus told us precisely God's solutions and answers. Dr. Luke wrote it all down - for you and me and all to see. Believe it.

It's all here for the reading.

We gladly, freely offer these Bible studies. If God blesses you in them, we thank Him. We simply preach - "More about Jesus." Keep Looking Up to Him.
Thanks, Don Sr

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