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Who Wins? God Wins! (PDF-33 pages)

What Do We Do When Bad People Prosper while Good People Perish?

A Bible Study on Psalm 37
Don Rhoads, Radio Pastor

Question: When bad people prosper - while good people perish - who wins? Does evil win out over good? Are all who live for God losers? Do rebels beat God's good plan for man?

God sees every person, knows every heart on this rebel planet. He hears every bad word, sees every evil deed. Can evil win against Him? He says: "No Way!" Not today! Not forever! God will win against sin, in His own day and way. Yes He will. Count on it.

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Don Rhoads
Radio Pastor

So, what about people who love God - who live to please and honor the One and Only true Lord God Almighty - the God of the Bible - who trust in God the Savior-Son - Jesus Christ? What do they do - when bad people prosper while good people perish?

God tells what to do. Psalm 37 gives His real, right answers. Read, remember, rejoice, rest in Him - because Rebels against God - don't keep on prospering forever. Life ends for them too. Then they face Judge Jesus.

And - God's people - don't perish forever. God always wins! Here and now - and hereafter forever! So do all who love Him.

Jesus said it! That settles it! Believe it! Believe in Him!

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