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Who's Saved? Be Sure! (PDF 42 pages)

A Bible Study on Salvation

Forty Bible Power Promises all proving
No Truly Born Again Child of God Can Ever "Go to Hell"

Not Now - Not Forever!
because, knowing the Lord - is Eternal Security
More Absolute Power Promises

Question: Are You Saved? Are you Safe? Now and Forever? Or are you still lost - dead to God - shut out by your sins? Do you know? Is Jesus Christ the One and Only Way, Truth, Life of the Father-God in Heaven? Will He return? What does the Bible say? Are you ready to face Judge Jesus? Really? What must you do to be sure you are saved? All these vital life-questions - and so many more - are answered in the Bible! Believe it!

Can a Born Again Child of God Ever Go to Hell?

Another vital, valued,
victory volume to give
you assurance of salvation

Vital to You Too!

Don Rhoads
Radio Pastor

It's an anxious question on many minds. As a teen, I knew I was a sinner. The Bible said it. I proved it every day. So, at age 14, I came in faith to the Savior-Lord Jesus Christ. But then came years of fears - could I be lost again - and "Go to Hell?" When I sinned I was in misery, panic, I felt guilty, unworthy of salvation, worthy only of judgment. I feared facing Judge Jesus.

Our loving Lord God Almighty - in the Bible - gives us all - His Jesus-Key - to be free - Saved - Safe - Now and Forever. God says - no one is saved - made right with God - by "self-worth or works" - not at all. But only by His - Savior-worth and work - of the Cross and Empty Tomb! All our so-called "self-worth and works" simply expose us as guilty sinners - unworthy before the One and Only Lord God of the Bible - unacceptable in His high, holy, happy Heaven Home - "For all have sinned and fall short of God's glory."

Read them all - Refresh - Rejoice - Rest in -
Forty of God's Absolute Power Bible Promises - All Saying -
No Truly Born Again Child of God Can Ever "Go to Hell" See What God Promises!

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