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Who Cares? Jesus Cares!

A Bible study in Psalm 23 (pdf: 70 pages)
The LORD is My Shepherd Too!

Twenty-Four Absolute Power Promises

The Book of Psalms is perhaps the best known, best loved Book in the Bible. The best-loved Psalm is the - 23rd Psalm. Its timeless, timely, priceless absolute-power-promises all show us the loving, caring heart of the One and Only LORD God Almighty - the God of the Bible. Psalm 23 was penned by David - the shepherd king. It is meant to minister God's blessings to all who trust and love His Messiah-Savior-Son Jesus.

Another vital,
victory volume to
give you hope.

Don Rhoads
Radio Pastor

I have seen it in war zones - fear, dark, stark fear! Anxieties can freeze our hearts in daily stress - can steal our calm in crisis - can rob us of inner peace. In it all, two Bible passages help many, "The Lord's Prayer" and "Psalm 23." Both bring comfort, raise courage, calm fears, give soul-rest in place of stress. You and I will see it together. Psalm 23 will help you and me. Count on it!

To see Psalm 23 - you and I together - will look to God's Book - the
Bible - the Only Book with God's - "triple-A" - All Absolute Answers -
the loving, living, eternal life giving - power-filled, peace-giving,
promise-keeping, problem-solving, people-saving Word of God.

We will not be able to plumb the depths of this brief but oh so beautiful Psalm. But we will try - knowing this: Psalm 23 gives us God's own personal promises to all who look in faith to Jesus - the Good, Great, Chief Shepherd.

Who Cares? Jesus Cares! Yes He Does!
He Cares for You Too
Jesus wants to be your Shepherd to.

Twenty-Four Absolute Power Promises
for you and me - in Psalm 23
Read them all - Refresh - Rejoice
Rest in it all! It's for you too! Yes it is!
And then
Keep on looking upUpUP!
Never give up! Never! Never! Never!

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We gladly, freely offer these Bible studies. If God blesses you in them, we thank Him. We simply preach - "More about Jesus." Keep Looking Up to Him.
Thanks, Don Sr