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What's Wrong? Be Right! (PDF - 32 pages)

A Bible Study on Forgiveness and Being Forgiven
Now and Forever

The Bible tells us that to "Forgive" means to release, turn loose, set free, forget the debt.

Guilt is global - haunts billions daily - it's a planetary problem. We all sin. And our sins bring guilt. So, we are all sin-guilty. Our conscience, to be right in God's sight, needs to be forgiven.

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Don Rhoads
Radio Pastor

A sin-guilty conscience loads and labors us. It oppresses, suppresses, distresses, depresses us, with all sorts of soul-stress, heart, mind, spirit, body unrest. Sin-guilt burdens us with anxiety, fear, worry, even panic. It causes many ills - mental, emotional, physical, social - and spiritual.

Note the myriads of commercial ads for mind-calming drugs. How sad that so many, trying to find peace of heart and mind, go under control of pills and people who cannot bring true and lasting calm or comfort - at all. There is a far better way to real relief and rest. This Bible study explains the right way receive pardon from sin-guilt. The answer is easy. It is open and offered to you too. Believe it.

Nothing, no one else - in Heaven or Earth - can forgive our sin-debts to the high, holy Lord God. He offers it just One Way.

You and I will see it in this bible study - together - yes we will.
Count on it!

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