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What's Next? Be Ready! Part 2 (PDF - 81 pages)

This book contains the last set of 25 Bible Prophecies
God's Previews of the Last Days at the End of this Age
Ready to Happen

What on Earth - in Heaven - in Hell - will Happen Next?
What will Happen For You and Me Too!

Another vital, valued,
victory volume to give
you hope!

Vital to You Too!

Don Rhoads
Radio Pastor

Part Two

Knowing what the future holds for the Last Days is a wonderful way out of worry, fear, anxiety, stress, depression for a Christian. If we know what lies ahead, it can give us strength, secure, sure confidence, faith in the future - and our own place in it. Right now and forever.

Remember this - whatever is happening in the world - God is on the throne - in absolute power control. Count on it.

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