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What's Next? Be Ready! (PDF - 64 pages)

Fifty Bible Prophecies
A Bible Study on the Last Days at the End of this Age
Readying to Happen

What on Earth - in Heaven - in Hell - will Happen Next?
For You and Me Too!

Knowing what our future holds for the Last Days is a wonderful way out of worry, fear, anxiety, stress, depression for a Christian. If we know what lies ahead, it can give us strength, secure, sure confidence, faith in the future - and our own place in it. Right now and forever.

Remember this - whatever is happening in the world - God is on the throne - in absolute power control. Count on it.

Part One

God's Powerful Bible Prophecy Previews - One to Twenty-Five

Another vital, valued,
victory volume to give
you hope!


Don Rhoads
Radio Pastor

As we speak, all the world watches three prime areas. One is "Jerusalem" in Israel and Palestine. Two is "Baghdad" in Iraq. Three is "America." All are important in these "last days" as we rapidly nearing the end of this 2000 year Church Age.

"Jerusalem" - is the most named city in the Bible. Today it is the dual-capital of both Israel and Palestine. Bible prophecy says, in these "last days" Jerusalem and Israel will be volatile prime focal points. Israel and Palestine are in endless conflict - ethnic, religious, political, military. Hate, violence, death - abound - focused on that historic dual-capital - Jerusalem. What does it all mean? How will it end? You and I will see it in this study.

"Babylon" - is the second most named city in all the Bible - it will be a major city in the last days in the end of this Age. Right now, all eyes are on - Baghdad in Iraq - but God says world focus will go from Baghdad - Back to Babylon - planet earth's final capital Sin-City. In these pages, we will see what God says will happen - and what He will do. Yes we will.

Note this Bible fact: All rebel false-god religions began in Babylon. It will all end there too. God said it. That settles it.

"America" - is not named in the Bible. But it is a vital power-nation on the world scene. God blessed America with His gifts of unparalleled wealth and power. Why did He do that? What is our future? As a nation? As individuals - you and me too? Does God care - that millions of Americans ignore, deny, defy His high, holy, happy Laws? Yes He does! Absolutely! What will He do? What can we do? You and I together - will see "What's Next?" How to "Be Ready!" God sees, says it to all people - in America - in all nations and peoples on planet earth.

The Bible Gives God's Answers

These prophetic power-previews are all in the Bible - the one and only Book - with God's - triple-A - All Absolute Answers - the loving, living, eternal life giving, power-filled, peace-giving, promise-keeping, problem-solving, people-saving Word of God.

This Bible Study looks at Fifty Bible Prophecies - of coming global events - promised - previewed by God Himself - to alert us about "What's Next?" - tell us - how to "Be Ready" to face Judge Jesus - in the "last days" in the end of this Age.

This Age is about to end, friend.

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We gladly, freely offer these Bible studies. If God blesses you in them, we thank Him. We simply preach - "More about Jesus." Keep Looking Up to Him.
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