Bibleline Radio Listener Testimonies

Waterloo. Robert M - To Pastor Don Rhoads: When faith is in it, there will be excitement! Your program brings life to the Word, it is visual and thrilling to me as I learn with you all the time. Thank you much.

Location Unknown Dear Pastor Rhoads, Please, if you will, have a little prayer for my nephew Isaac. He is living in a sinful way in Chicago. I have heard from his mother that he is in a real mess and hanging around with a bad bunch. I believe that prayer can bring about change and this boy needs serious change in his life. Ida W

Location Unknown Dear Pastor Rhoads, God is the light to my path, I work everyday to stay on that path. It is the battle with the devil we fight... to stay away from the world's things and on that righteous path. Blessings in your ministry that helps me in the way. Paul L

Location Unknown There is so much information in the Bible, I sometime feel overwhelmed. But I have gotten to feeling more competent since I have been listening to you. God wants us to know him and what he has to say, so I got serious about it, and I study with you every week. I am blessed in this and I know God blesses your ministry. Claudett L

New Delhi, IndiaThe glory of what we do is to God and to Him alone. Bless you Minister Rhoads in this undertaking. Sakile M

Manchester, UK I love to hear Alice sing. Nan T

Dublin, Ireland When we become undisciplined, we become useful to the devil. When we expect total excitement all the time, we're looking for trouble.  God expects us to be constant and satisfied with our lot in life . . . spending our efforts to know him better.  We enjoy your program's consistency in the battle for His Kingdom. Blessings, Kearna D

Antwerp, Belgium Dear Reverend Rhoads, My name is Andre L and the problems of the world are overwhelming to me. It is my firm opinion that too many people are living without the Lord in their lives. I believe that we certainly need a gigantic revival. And none too soon. I pray that this will come about and I ask for your prayers also to that end.

Berlin, Germany Dear Pastor Rhoads, I am in Berlin for a business conference and I had Bible study today with friends, and we listened to your program together. A fine blessing for all here. Thanks. EMORY S

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Dear Brother Don, I always have my Bible in my hands when you come on. Your explaining is helpful to me. The scripture at times can seem hard for me to understand. You cut right to the meaning and I appreciate it. Gina R

Hilton Head, SC Dear Pastor Rhoads. I am making a prayer request for Mary Ann Glover. She was a teacher of mine in high school and I have just found out that she has leukemia. I am so worried about this and I pray for her full recovery. She had such an influence on my life. Willa C

Location Unknown I love the song "More About Jesus" that you play every week. That is why I listen to you . . . wanting to know Amore and more about our Jesus. Thank you. Marie L

Freeport, Bahamas Dear Brother Don, No matter what kind of mess a person=s life is in, Jesus saves and he is always there to solve our problems. I know the truth of what you said today. I have had many problems to overcome but I am an over-comer in Jesus! Kelly H

Cali, Colombia I live in Cali, Colombia and mi name is Manuel R. My family is in trouble from the lack of a job for me and mi wife. I look every day but not much work here. I want maybe to go back to the school to learn something else for to better skill myself for a job. But I have not much money to do this. I don't know what to do and hope that God will show me a way. Please pray for us.

Location Unknown> Dear Pastor, He is worthy of our praise. I praise him with you every week. James T

Location Unknown Bless you Reverend Don. You have an honest ministry that really speaks the truth of the bible. Calli F.

Location Unknown Dear Pastor Rhoads, I need to ask for a place on your prayer list. I've just been diagnosed with colon cancer, and I have to tell you I am scared out of my skin. God will help me get through this I know.Mark H

Toronto, Canada I want to tell you something I am proud of Brother Don. My Uncle Louis lives next door to us and every Sunday morning we all have breakfast together and listen to your broadcast together. Uncle Lou has not been big on going to church. NOT until today. He said, AI think I will go to church with you. I was shocked and so pleased. I just had to pass this on to you. Paul E

Buenos Aires, Argentina Dear Minister Rhoads, It is never too much that a person can pray and praise the Lord. I work at my Bible study everyday and find new lessons and understanding. It is a blessing what you are doing. I listened to you many years. I just keep listening, you keep me in a good learning way. María Julia O

Location Unknown I love your broadcast and especially those with your wife and sons in them. You and your family set such a good example for the rest of us. If all families worked together for the good of the Lord's Kingdom, the world would be a great place. I hear your talented family on your programs and am always impressed. June T

Location Unknown Just like always, this study was a big blessing today. Thank you. Manuel P (enviado desde mi iPhone)

Location Unknown I finally got my brother to listen to BibleLine. Now he is a big fan and tells me all the time about someone he has gotten to listen too. Bless you in this spirit-filled ministry. Jane C

Location Unknown Dear Reverend Rhoads, You re-strengthen my study of the Holy word every week and your Encouragement I need always. Yours is a favorite broadcast of mine; it is the understanding that you have and are willing to share that help me so much. I wish great things for your ministry and I pray for you. Jane L

Ft Collins, CO Dear Brother Don, The Holy Spirit is working among the members of my family through Your broadcast. My family is changing and growing in the faith like I have not seen before. We are blessed byYour work. Jennifer C

Location Unknown Dear Pastor Rhoads, We, the believers, are all going to be with the Lord at some point, but I am so concerned about all the people who are not. I have co-workers who just are not serious about their faith, and the best I can I am trying to get them to realize it is urgent that they ask for the Salvation so generously offered to them. Sometimes it feels like an up-hill battle, but I am plowing on to help save souls just like you do. Jerry C

Location Unknown Dear Brother Don, I know Satan focuses on my weaknesses. I can feel it and I know when he is around and tempting me. I keep on dealing with it. I fight him because I know what lies ahead for me with God in the everlasting. I see the signs and I know the final days are coming. I want to be in that number when the Saints go marching in. It is the goal of my life. Bless you all. Doris M

San Juan, Puerto Rico Dear Pastor Rhoads, I knew about being a better Christian but I wasn't becoming a better Christian. That is, until I started seriously listening to your program. I credit you with turning my life in the direction of Christ and getting me off a bad course of life. Now I really have a life. Bless you. Jose Luis P

Location Unknown Dear Pastor Rhoads, The minute I am up there, I will forget down here. There is a better life in eternity for me and I can=t wait. Bless you. Clifford J

Location Unknown Dear Brother Don, I am very selective in what I listen to. There is so much distortion of the scriptures.I keep listening to you because I know you stick to strict, honest interpretation of the Word. In Jesus. Raul M

Location Unknown I always enjoy hearing your family on BibleLine. A fine example to families everywhere. Laura W

Location Unknown We are going to be on the road this weekend Brother Rhoads and I was sad that we were not going to be able to listen to you, but my son showed me this thing on his cell phone that lets us listen to the channel. So, we will be right there listening to you as usual. I guess not all new things are bad. Jane W

Location Unknown Dear Brother Don, God has sent so many blessings my way. I want to do all I can for him in my work. I think he has been preparing me for the work he is planning for me to do. I am always ready for what he wants. I thank you for all the encouragement your program gives me. Sally S

Location Unknown Brother Don, You have helped me to be confident that God cares for me. If he didn=t, he would not have sent Jesus into the world to die for me. That is why I can always turn to him for the strength that I need to keep up the challenges of this world. Doris Jeanne D

Cape Hatteras, NC Dear Pastor Rhoads, What a glorious hope we have because Jesus is alive. He is our possibility for eternity. No other. Thank you for speaking so others will be saved. In Christ the Lord. Paul S

Location Unknown Pastor Rhoads~ The Lord's blessings on you and your ministry! Rev. Fuentes Winston-Salem, NC Dear Pastor Rhoads, "More about Jesus" is the reason I listen to you. I always feel like you are a knowledgeable and helpful teacher. Jordan M

Location Unknown Dear Pastor Rhoads, The second coming is something we all need to be thinking about, focused on. It was great to hear you discuss the "preview" of the end of this age. The return of Christ is the most important thing we can talk about these troubled days. He is coming quickly. Marcus R

Seville, Spain "We continue to listen to your BibleLine every Sunday afternoon, Minister Rhoads. The program is a blessing and we like to read the Bible along with you as you teach from it. You are our favorite and we pray for you and your family." Rey F

Manchester, UK "Dear Pastor Don, when I listen to your broadcast each week, I prepare myself mentally and spiritually to receive the word of God. Not just to hear it, but to actively listen, understand, commit my life to it.  Your teaching is so thorough and most appreciated in our home. We always look forward to your insights into the scripture. Bless you and your work of the Father." Paul L

Location Unknown "You really help me worship the Lord, Pastor Rhoads. Thru your teaching I realize the joy in worshiping HIM. In my worship at church, at home, and with you on your program, I forget the cares of these days. I know sincere, true worship is the closest thing to what heaven is like. Bless you." Maria L

San Diego, CA "Dear Reverend Rhoads, Since I was saved I have a new life. I thank Jesus that His Spirit brings such comfort to my heart.  When I am going thru a bad time, He reminds me that all I need to do is call on Him, open my heart to Him, His love envelops me. That is the peace that passes understanding! Bless you. I never miss your program. You inspire me to work harder for the Lord." Jess S

Atlanta, GA "Dear Pastor, I praise and worship the Lord every day. I thank Him that there is no other God but Him. He is holy, like no other, it is a miracle that He loves me. As I listen to your broadcasts over the years, I've experienced tremendous growth in my faith, and I now hunger to know the Lord more and more. It's my "wonderful addiction." Thank you for all you do in the growth of God's Kingdom."  Sue M

Kenya, Africa "Dear Pastor Rhoads - I am a new Christian and I'm constantly striving to learn more about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I've been listening to your programme many months and I'm learning so much. Thank you for your ministry to people like me." Raila K

Brisbane, Australia "You helped me recognize my spiritual poverty, Pastor Don. I'm now born again and thru your programme a more knowledgeable Christian, ready to serve the Lord." Denise W

Bogota, Colombia "Thanks to you and your program, Pastor Rhoads, I am now a full-time Christian. I am born again and my life has never been better. Your program opened my eyes, I thank you. I see the beauty of the Lord. The Lord has been good to me and my family. I try to spread God's word, inspired by your great broadcasts. Thank you Pastor Don." Juan G

Quito, Ecuador "Pastor Don - I really liked your message this morning, you are so right, Jesus is the only acceptance we need. Thank you for speaking so clear. I listen with my family, not all are good english speakers, but all are able to understand you. There is much bad news in the world, but you are my source of the GOOD NEWS. I believe Jesus is the only news we need. I listen to you all the time, thank you for the good you do for us." Junia C

Jaipur, India "Dear Pastor Rhoads, It was the best decision of my life to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior. Your broadcast helped me see the truth, the way, the life. Bless you." Aamir R

Madison, WI "Pastor Rhoads - I never miss your program, I tell my friends about you. I'm now more on fire for the Lord than I've ever been. I know your work must seem never ending, as you try to save the lost. I don't have your speaking ability but I try hard to tell people about the Lord, what he can do for them. Your work inspires me to work harder. Thank you." Robert M

Providence, RI "This is such a great day, Pastor Rhoads. My children and grand children are visiting and we all listened to your program together, it brings great pleasure to know they have all accepted Jesus. It is a blessing to share your program with them. Thank you." Mary T