Don Rhoads Radio Pastor

Who Knows? God Knows! (PDF - 3 pages)

You can know for sure that you belong to God - now - and forever.

DonBook One - tells how to know for sure - now and forever - you too belong to God! Are you God's child? Really? How do you know? What makes one a child of God? When does it happen? When you die will you go to Heaven with Him - or go to Hell! Does God have a plan for you - here and hereafter? What is it? How do you find it? Can you know? Yes you can! Absolutely! God says so! You can count on it!

This is an e-Book from DonBooks.

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We gladly, freely offer these Bible studies. If God blesses you in them, we thank Him. We simply preach - "More about Jesus." Keep Looking Up to Him.
Thanks, Don Sr