Audio Bible Studies in Prophecy
by Radio Pastor Don Rhoads

These Bible studies from the New Testament books of Revelation, Luke and II Thesalonnians are focused on Bible Prophecy and were first offered on BibleLine Global Radio. They are meant to minister to you and those you love. Click on the name of any study. They play on any modern browser. Also, MP3 files can be downloaded.

"Blessed is he (she) who reads, hears, keeps the Word of God." (Revelation 1:3).

Prophecies in II Thessalonians

The Bible tells God's Next Prophecy to be Fulfilled - Soon. God's Next "Shock 'n Awe" Judgment on All of Planet Earth. The Day all Christians, and all Earth's Children, Suddenly Disappear. Who will Rule Earth? Woes of the Antichrist! Why will Lost People Go to Hell?

Prophecies in Revelation 4

The Bible tells God's Next Word from Heaven? Where is the Center of all Creation? What will Happen First to all who Go to Heaven? What happens when all Lost People Meet Judge Jesus! Look at True Worship in Heaven?

Prophecies in Revelation 5

The Bible tells who Owns Planet Earth. God's Coming Earth Judgments! Who is worthy to Judge all the World's Rebel Sinners? When all Creation - angels, humans, animals - Worships the LORD God Almighty of the Bible!

Prophecies in Revelation 22

The Bible says Jesus is Coming - Soon and Sudden! When Jesus Comes all Nations will Mourn! What to Do Till Jesus Comes Again! Jesus will Come to Bless all who Love Him!

Prophecies in Luke 21

50 Bible prophecies of the last days of the Church age with a focus on Jerusalem, Babylon and other nations previewing Jesus' return to judge the nations of the earth and to bring an end to evil.

Prophecies 1-25

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