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Luke 21 - What's Next. Be Ready!
50 Last Days Power Prophecies

by Radio Pastor Don Rhoads

Luke 21 is a springboard into these 50 Bible prophecies God gives of the last days in the end of this Church Age. Focus is on global events seen now - in Jerusalem, in Babylon (in Iraq), Iran, Russia, China, many nations. Jesus previews His soon coming global judgments - to halt all evil and spiritual error on this rebel planet, and His to make emphatic, dogmatic His call to all nations to - repent and trust in Him.

God says Jerusalem is central - trodden underfoot by Gentiles - only until the times of Gentile rule are fulfilled. In God's timing world focus is also moving to Babylon, earth's final "Capital Sin City." All false-god religion began in Babylon, and God will end all false-god religion in Babylon. Count on it.

God blessed America for 400 years, and blessed all nations thru her with His Gospel. But now America is in deep, dark sin (as are all nations), so God has begun to stop His blessings - His giving us His good, His guarding us from evil and the "evil one", His guiding us to greater blessings. Jesus said, when we see terrors, troubles, trials, sorrows begin - as these 50 power prophecies outline - wars - distress of nations - know without doubt - the end of this Church Age is near. Count on that too.

These studies will answer the questions the disciples asked Jesus:

  1. When will these things be?
  2. What will be the sign of Your coming?
  3. What will be the sign of the end of this Age?

These studies also cover the Rapture (removing the Church from earth to Heaven), the seven year Great Tribulation - concluding with Armageddon - and the return in great power and glory of Judge Jesus Himself.

NOTE: Contrary to many views, no endtime prophecies are yet being fulfilled. The Bible's "coming events" do cast their shadows before them, and the world scene we see today shows us, those ominous shadows are surely shaping before our eyes - daily. Their fulfilling can commence - any moment. Believe it.

To sum up - this Age is about to end, friend. Be ready. Believe - trust - in Jesus now.

Bible Prophecies from the 21st Chapter of Luke 1 thru 25

Luke 21 - Part Two -in process - twelve more radio Bible studies - prophecies 26 thru 50.

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