About BibleLine.net

Don Rhoads Radio Pastor

Pastor Don Rhoads Sr has preached the Good News Word of God for 70 years. He has taught the Bible on radio for almost 53 years, in both Sunday and daily broadcasts, including nightly, live, one-hour, call-in All Bible Counsel programs.

Don is still currently broadcasting "BibleLine Radio" every week on stations in the WilkinsRadio Network, streaming God’s Bible Truth to all the American States and over 70 nations worldwide, touching, reaching, teaching, preaching to many people in oppressed lands - the ‘Good News of Great Joy Word of God and Witness of Jesus Christ.’

All e-Books on BibleLine.net are Don's personal studies, from many years of prayer, counseling, in-depth Bible study, teaching, preaching. All have also been offered on his BibleLine Radio broadcasts.

While serving in the United States Navy, Don preached in shipboard church services on Sundays, and taught weekday Bible studies for his shipmates in the battle zone. After military service, He earned a degree in Biblical Studies from Biola University in Los Angeles, and did graduate work in Greek New Testament. During college years, on weekends and summers, he preached in many churches from California to Canada.

Don was an associate and thirty-one year friend of the late, global Bible teacher, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, of Thru the Bible Radio. The Bible views and values held by Dr. McGee, are open and offered here too - for you.

Over the years, Don has ministered as pastor in churches large and small, in Southern, Central, Coastal, and Northern California. He still preaches in churches and ministers as interim pastor when called on.

The e-Books on BibleLine.net come from many years of prayer, counsel, in-depth Bible study. The testimonies are from listeners of Bibleline Radio.

Pastor Rhoads and his beloved wife Alice have 3 sons and 2 daughters and 13 grandchildren, who know and love the Lord Jesus Christ.

A personal word from Pastor Don about these e-Books

My e-Book premise- is that the Bible is God-breathed - not man originated. God Himself - using the pen of godly men - "wrote the Book" on all human behavior - and misbehavior. The Bible - both Old and New Testaments - is the One and Only living, loving, power-filled, peace-giving, promise-keeping, problem-solving, people-saving Word of God. The Bible's full focus is on God the Savior-Son - Jesus Christ Himself. And the Bible alone is God the Holy Spirit's inspired, inerrant, infallible, immutable Word of truth. The Bible gives to all who seek God - His own "Triple A" - All Absolute Answers to life's most vital questions - for all to read, heed, learn, love, live.

My e-Book purpose - is to open and offer God's high, holy, happy, helping Word and will and way - to all who truly seek His real and right answers to life's most important issues and needs. All these e-Books present - not man's - but God's own vital, valuable, victorious "A-B-C" - All Bible Concepts.

My e-Book promise - is God's own absolute-power personal guarantee - to all people - whatever their century, country, culture, color, class, creed - to all who read, heed, believe, receive His Bible truth - His promise in Jesus - "Good News of Great Joy to all people on this sad, mad, bad news planet - the Savior - Christ the Lord." And - all His promises are for you too - and those you love. Jesus said it. That settles it. Believe it. Believe in Him.

My personal prayer - is for God's own best blessing and building - to you and all those you love - as you learn to look upUpUP to Jesus Himself. He sees you, He knows, loves, feels, cares for you. Trust Him, come to Him.

If I can help you know Him - I'm here for you. Count on it. In the words of Paul the Apostle:

"I commend you to the Lord, and to the Word of His grace,
which is able to build you up
and give you inheritance among all who are sanctified"
(Acts 20:32).