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ABC - An All Bible Concept Weightloss

Why Weight? Be Healthy!
A Real Bible Study in Right Weightloss

Your own personal weight-loss wonder-key

"When you pillow your head in sleep tonight, Did you win or lose today's fat-fight?
Never give up
tomorrow is bright
start right."

An All Bible Concept — a Bible study to help you to sure, simple, life-saving, happy-life-giving Bible weight loss. A clear, classic concept — easy-reading power-pages — brief — best — ready to begin today. From one who cares about you, your family, friends.

Fat kills! Overweight causes stroke, heart stress, diabetes, high blood pressure. Body fat robs our energy, mobility, agility, ability. Overweight limits our body movement and function we need and want. Body fat robs those we love of our best. Overweight gives those who love us and look to us — a sad, bad example.

But Not You! You can change it all. Begin losing weight today with this Bible guide to real, right weightloss! Yes You Can!

The ABCDiet helps all who try it. You too!

You too can lose - 10, 20, 40, 80 pounds and more. Count on it! Yes you can! Another DonBooks vital, valuable, victory volume for you!

Choose to lose weight — a little or a lot — right now! Look younger, feel stronger, live longer! Why Weight? Be Healthy, Why Wait?

No complex eating plans! No special foods to buy! No fat-fad diet gurus or shape-up shrinks! A God-given Bible way to lose weight.

One that works — all the time — every time it's tried. You too can slim down, trim down. Start today!

Download Why Weight? (pdf)

We gladly, freely offer these Bible studies. If God blesses you in them, we thank Him. We simply preach - "More about Jesus." Keep Looking Up to Him.
Thanks, Don Sr