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Newsletter December 2010 - Joyous Christmas

Joyous Christmas!
"I will Come Again, and Receive you to Myself, that where I AM - there You may be too."
Be Ready for Christmas Two!

Beloved Brothers and Sisters -
At age ten, long ago, I walked four miles of back-country roads, alone, to and from school. Today's children can't do that. Vile porno-pedophiles prowl freely, while our elected law-makers and judges do nothing.
Paul warned us - "In the last days perilous, grievous, dangerous times will come."
But our blessed Lord Jesus promised to "Prepare for us a place in His Father's House." As the old song says:
"This world is not my Home - I'm just passing thru.
My treasures are laid up out beyond the blue.
Glory angels beckon me from Heaven's open door,
And I can't feel at home in this world anymore."

So, you and I don't seek a settled homestead on this sin-guilty, soul-pained planet, do we. No, we confess that on earth we are all "strangers and pilgrims." We say it plainly, "we seek a better, a heavenly homeland." "God is not ashamed to be called our God - He is preparing for us a City - its builder and maker is God." And - one day - in an eye-twinkle - He will snatch away, catch-away all who love Him - yonder to His Heaven.

My dear friends, believe Jesus. He said: "Do not worry" about these "perilous, grievous, dangerous times." He calls us to "occupy till He comes - as His Jesus-witnesses - doing our Father's Good News business." We pray to live for Him. We read and follow His life-behavior manual - the Bible. We walk daily with Him. We pray for people around us - around the world - to come to Jesus.

Then - One Thrilling Glory Day - ZAP - we're all outa here - "Caught Up" - off this poor Planet Earth - Home to Heaven - When Jesus Comes Back - Really - and we all Celebrate -

Christmas Two!

While we wait - see Psalm 37 - "Don't fret about evil-doers." "Don't envy people who break God's Laws." And - see Matthew 6 - Jesus said it - "No one can serve God and mammon." Serving two masters brings worry. Jesus told us all - "Do not worry, Do not worry, Do not worry." Seek God first. Seek God's Kingdom - not this world. Seek God's righteousness - pray to be like Jesus.

Now, I know what you're thinking - "I fall far short in living fully for Him." Well sure you do. We all do. It's why we all need to heed and feed on God's high, holy Word - to - Keep loving Him first - learning to know Him best - leaning on Him daily - living, giving His Good News. Keep looking upUpUP to JESUS - He still says it to you and me too - "Behold, I AM with you - always - even to the end of the Age." Count on it. Count on Him.

Forever your brother, in His so great love and labor, Don

"Thanks be to God for His undescribable Gift - JESUS!"
II Corinthians 9:15
Great 2010 - almost gone -
Only living for Jesus goes on & on - forever!

We thank you - again - for your so faithful prayers and loving sacrifice in preaching Jesus. And - we thank God for you. Believe it. We pray for you God's own best blessing in this Christmas Season - and thru the New Year ahead - 2011 - and until Jesus comes again - -
Christmas Two!

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