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Who Cares?
Jesus Cares!

Psalm 23
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Why Weight? Be Healthy!
Why Worry?
Be Happy!

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Pastor Don Rhoads first preached these Bible studies on BibleLine Radio. The Bible gives God's "triple A" - All Absolute Answers - because it is the loving, living, eternal life-giving, power-filled, peace-giving, promise-keeping, problem-solving, people-saving Word of God.

Don was an associate and friend of the late global Bible preacher and teacher, Dr. J. Vernon McGee, of Thru the Bible Radio whose Bible views and values are here too - from Don to you.

Each victory e-Book offers vital life-lessons from the Bible - for you and those you love. In this sad, mad, bad news world - Jesus Himself is God's:

"Good News of great joy to all people - the Savior - Christ the Lord."

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These e-book Bible studies and also our audio Bible studies are meant to minister to you - the grace, mercy, peace of the one and only Creator—God and Savior—Lord Jesus Christ Himself. His real and righteous truth opens to you His high, holy, happy help and hope. With His loving forgiveness of sins He offers His eternal blessings and benefits - to all people on planet earth who trust in Him. Look upUpUP to Jesus. He loves you. He calls all the world - you too. "Come to Me all who labor, heavy-laden, I will rest you."

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